Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Relaxing Retreat in the Arizona Desert

There are times when you book something online and when you arrive, it’s even better than expected. That’s what happened when I arrived at the house from ModernDesertRetreat.com. I drove up and was transported away.

First of all, Karen the owner, was there to greet me with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese. I mean, how amazing is that? I wish someone was at my apartment every day waiting for me to arrive with treats like that. Secondly, the studio I had rented in the house was bigger than some of my apartments and nicely decorated. And then thirdly, you have the view, which is to die for.


There was no one else staying in the house that week so I had it to myself. Karen opened the floor-to-ceiling 20 foot long glass doors from the living room to the patio and I think I might have gasped in delight like those women on the "Price is Right."

The house was perched on the top of a hill in Fountain Hills and overlooked the valley with views of the mountains in the distance.  Karen then showed me the pool and the lounge area. Already, I was regretting all the errands I had planned to do, because now all I wanted to do was have Karen pour me another glass of wine, sit out on the lounge and watch the sun go down over the mountains. I wanted to savor the moment.

But there was more. Karen then told me about the trail out back of the house that was a few miles long and took to you to the town of Fountain Hills. You know me and hiking. I can’t resist – especially when it’s in the deserts of Arizona. I love the mix of cactus, the color of the earth and how it all changes as the sun sets. But there was the wine…and the lounge. Decisions, decisions… I was like a kid on Christmas morning with too many new presents and not sure which one to do first.


So there I was watching the sun go down on my third day of hanging out at Karen’s Modern Desert Retreat, and all I could think about was what an amazing place this is. Karen, who is an event planner, agreed.

She said she bought the house saying she thought it would be a great place to host events, but hadn't gotten around to doing it.  It had that amazing view, it was spacious, it had this amazing kitchen and living room set up for mingling and it felt secluded, but really the city was just down the hill.

And then suddenly it hit me. Here I was talking to a woman who knew how to do events in a place that was amazing.  Could this be the place I had been looking for?  No, I'm not talking about buying -- although if I had loads of money, then yes, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But what I am talking about is a Fitness/yoga/wellness retreat.

I’ve been wanting to host a fitness retreat in Arizona for a few years, but every place I’d seen hadn’t felt right. Karen’s place didn’t just feel right. It was perfect.  And the more we talked about it and what we could do, the more perfect it became.


 Now imagine this…you've arrived at the house with your girlfriend and you’re greeted with a glass of wine and some snacks while given a tour of the house. That evening, you’ll either join me on a sunset hike or unwind by pool and spend some time relaxing on your own. In the morning, a yoga instructor arrives and conducts a class on the patio with the view of the mountains in front of you.

You then eat a healthy breakfast and get ready for your session with Soul Love Awakening founder, Tamara Hanson, who will guide and nurture your mind and spirit. From there, you’ll visit Sedona for an afternoon of hiking and guided meditation with a shaman. Then it time to return to the house to relax poolside while your dinner is prepared.

Sound good? And that’s just the first day.

Check out the rest of the retreat

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