Saturday, February 20, 2010

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue - Surprisingly delicious

A new always means discovering hidden gems in the ways of food for me....and I happened to come upon one toay.  But I'm going to warn you....don't be fooled when you walk in to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue at 1049 Broadway. This place is better than it looks.
I must admit, I didn't expect much when I dropped in, but I was pleasantly surprised and I will be back.

The food is made fresh, it's inexpensive and it's good -- really, really good. I mean, where else can you get a freshly made BBQ chicken sandwich for $2.99? And this is real chicken breast; not that processed stuff you get at other places.

I'm big into chicken so I haven't tried their other food, but they did have other BBQ meats and everything was reasonable. Just remember to ask for a mini portion unless you have a big appetite. This is because $7.99 will get you this massive BBQ dinner with tons of meat, rice and macroni. The mini orders are half the price and still massive.

This place is my new hidden treasure. You'll be seeing me there quite often.