Sunday, June 14, 2015

My first “real” hike in Switzerland: The Gorge Dailley

Switzerland is gorgeous – as you can tell from my photos on Instagram. Surprisingly, all those photos were taken from my morning runs. Yes, that’s how amazingly scenic it is here. I haven’t even had to leave my neighborhood to be surrounded in beauty.

But I do miss my hiking days in Arizona so figured it was time to venture out – although, it’s a little harder to do when you don’t have a car and the train stations are located in cities and not the wilderness. It is doable though. To do it, I joined and from there I could sign up for a hike and hitch a ride with one of the attendees.

My first one was the Gorge Dailley.

The hike started in Salvan where we climbed up to have a scenic view of the Rhone Valley. From there we hiked through the forest to reach the entrance of the gorge. According to the website, these gorges were first open to the public in 1995, but then after the road was constructed in 1944, mostly abandoned. They reconstructed the path up to them from 1991 to 1995 to make them stable and accessible again.

I’m assuming when they say this that the path they are talking about is all the steps you have to climb to get to the top of the gorge. When you get to the top, you will be out of breath, but the view is incredible.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Checking out Montreux

The rain has finally stopped in Lausanne so it’s time to venture out and explore. First stop: Montreux – mainly because I recognized it from the train route so it would be an easy town to get to.

Montreux is famous for two things. The first is the annual Jazz festival which happens in July and the second is the Chillon Castle. I wasn’t doing either of these today. Instead, I was going just for a wander.

The town is cute and the waterfront is gorgeous. It is more touristy and crowded than Lausanne is probably because of the attractions that it has, but it’s worth a visit – even if it’s just for the afternoon.