Monday, October 17, 2016

Strolling through Vevey

With so many cool places to visit, you often forget about the amazing things in your own backyard. I too am guilty to this. Since moving to Switzerland, I’ve done trips to France, Italy, Prague and other places, but I haven’t really explored here.

With the My Switzerland App, I learned that you walk from the town of Vevey to Montreux – all along with the lake. I had been to Montreux for the Christmas Market, but Vevey was uncharted territory. And because they say it’s one of the “pearls of the Swiss Riviera”, I had to check it out.

It turns out Vevey is an unexpectedly interesting place. They weren’t exaggerating when they said it had a beautiful waterfront promenade. Lined with flowers and palm trees, you forget for a moment that you are in the Alps.

Then there is the giant fork. If you’ve been there, then you know what I mean. The fork is…well it’s funny…and unexpected…and for some reason the humor of having it there, along with the chairs set up on in the rocks so you can relax while looking at it, feels very Swiss.

The fork, like many other regular forks, is made of stainless steel. But unlike regular forks, it is 8 meters high and stuck in Lake Geneva. It is in fact, the world’s tallest fork. It was created for the Alimentarium, the world’s first food museum.

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