Tuesday, October 15, 2013

#NotJustAnyTequila: Giant girls, green glowing hoops -- and Black Barrel Tequila

Last night I dropped in on "The Bartender Oasis" on behalf of Hornitos® Tequila.  The event was pitched to me as an “unforgettable private event.” And they weren’t lying. It was fun, trendy and classy – and a little bit wild all at once.


But what else would you expect from a tequila event that wasn’t promoting their everyday stuff – but an exclusive look at their premium Black Barrel brand? 
The tasting was so exclusive that the tequila won’t even be available until March 2014.  But believe me...the tequila will be worth the wait.  It went down so smooth that you won't want to waste it by hiding it in sugary margaritas -- unless  you really, really want to impress your guests.  
But the tequila wasn't the only thing memorable that night.  The event was held in downtown Scottsdale at El Hefe, where guests were greeted with green glasses, green glowing flowers and a super elegant giant green girl. 

She must have been over 8-feet tall on her stilts. 

Faces were painted in Dia de Los Muertos style, which I absolutely love – and I wanted to get it done if there wasn’t already a line. Next time for sure. 

Then there was the hulu hoop girl. 
Naturally, she was dressed in green and her hoop was glowing – because why not?  If you’re going to be a hoop dancer, glowing stuff is always good.  And  I have to admit she was pretty mesmerizing with her dance moves.

So why all the green?  It might have been because Halloween is coming and lime green seems to be in this year, or it might have been that in addition to the Hornito's Black Barrel Tequila, they were giving out shots of their Lime Tequila.  I'm going to be honest and say that I liked the Black Barrel Tequila better -- but that's just me.   

Maybe I'm a purest when it comes to my tequila and like lime free as there were certainly many others at the event who loved the stuff.  But that's part of the fun of Hornitos.  There's something for everyone.